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book cover: The Alaska Reader co-edited by Anne Hanley

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The Alaska Reader: Voices from the North
An Anthology of Writing from Alaska

 "Steeped in mystery and myth, suffused with the strange, the wild, and the beautiful, the works that compose this wonderful collection mirror Alaska itself. They are big and grand, hopeful and generous, wise, outrageous, funny, and heartbreaking. What resonates for the reader is the paradox of all great literature: at the heart of these poems and stories of life at the edge are people just like the rest of us--people scrambling to survive, struggling to make a difference, scouring the countryside for ways to express their love for the world and for each other."

-Robert Leonard Reid, Author of Mountains of the Great Blue Dream and America, New Mexico 

"Hanley and Kremers have collected many of our finest contemporary Alaskan writers. Equally impressive is the inclusion of Native voices from regions throughout the State. Indeed, to read from cover to cover is to explore many facets of the Alaskan experience, as rich and diverse as the land itself. This is a suburb collection that mixes many voices, many worlds, many perspectives."

-Sarah Kirk, Co-Editor, ICE-FLOE: International Poetry of the Far North

 "With The Alaska Reader Anne Hanley and Carolyn Kremers have given us a fine and representative collection of writings on contemporary Alaska, its Native history, family stories, feuds and affections. This book is a welcome tribute to the state and former territory that so many of us have come to cherish."

-John Haines, Poet

"From Robert Service to Arlitia Jones, this book reveals the range of experiences inspired by living in this great state. Alaska's writers are one of our greatest natural resources."

-Charlotte Fox, Executive Director, Alaska State Council on the Arts

"The Alaska Reader: Voices From the North is a gift to the reader. . . . It captures the essence of our great state, its history, its people, its intrigue and most of all its spirit. Bravo to Anne Hanley and Carolyn Kremers for this extraordinary anthology."

-Jo Ann C. McDowell, Ph.D, Founder Last Frontier Theatre Conference and President Emerita Prince William Sound Community College, Valdez, Alaska


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