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Raven's Prologue

Setting: The Whale House, Klukwan, Alaska, 1905. At Rise: Three actor/dancers wear the carved hats of Bear, Mink and Deer. George Shotridge carries the story staff.

GEORGE SHOTRIDGE: In the beginning, Raven made the world.

BEAR: Then he spend the rest of his life mucking it up.

MINK: For the sheer hell of it. For something to do.

BEAR: We are his people which means we are a little bit wise to him.

MINK: He wants us to be tough.

BEAR: So he pulls the wool over our eyes.

(Bear lifts his arm up to his face so that the Chilkat Dance Blanket he is wearing momentarily covers his eyes.)

MINK: He makes us put on the hat, take up the blanket.

GEORGE SHOTRIDGE: Those he love best he taunts most.

BEAR: He makes holes in our canoes.

MINK: He hides our paddles.

BEAR: We are never sure we walk on solid ground.



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