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An Excerpt

BILLIE BOB FRANK, an old white man,  has just caught a young black intruder, FU2, in one of the many booby-traps he's set up in his old house just for that purpose. Billie Bob threatens FU2 with a gun.
FU2: Put that stupid thing down. I thought we was having a conversation here.
BILLIE BOB: When I've got the gun, he wants conversation.
FU2: You want to know why I bust in here tonight?
BILLIE BOB: I already know. You was fixing to hold up the Quick Stop, but my house was closer.
FU2: I used to live across the street from here. My Mama she always say, "Don't go near that house. That Old Man Frank's house."
BILLIE BOB: You're damn right. I was born in this house.
FU2: My Mama she seen him once and he scare her so bad her hair gone nappy. Tonight I be looking at this damn house and I say tonight I going to get that old man Frank monkey off my back for good.
BILLIE BOB: That's bullshit. You busted in here because you already robbed your grandmother so many times she's got a 38-long barrel waiting for you behind the door.

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