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The Sunset Clause
An excerpt

The Sunset Clause by Anne Hanley

BIG PETER MUSTO and LYDIA HAMILTON are two patients on the Memory Unit wing at Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Center. Big Peter has sneaked into Lydia's room.

BIG PETER:  There's only one way out of Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Center.

 LYDIA:   Hump.

 BIG PETER:  Yes, jump. The only place we can jump is off the roof. 

LYDIA: Then what are you rotting for?

BIG PETER: I'm not brave enough by myself, but if we were to go together . . .

(He searches for her coat.)

LYDIA:  Never mind the old shoes.

BIG PETER:  What shoes?

LYDIA:  I didn't mean shoes. I only said shoes. Hairy up, kill you.

(He stops, turns around.)

LYDIA:  What's the splatter cow?

BIG PETER:  I just don't want young Pete to think I'm a quitter.

LYDIA:  It's never or now. Coffee, tea or rehab.

BIG PETER:  All right. I'm coming.

LYDIA:  I wish I could december the words.

BIG PETER:  "Until Death do us . . . "

LYDIA:  Fart.


He wheels her to the door.

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