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The Winter Bear
(image by Michael Designs)

The Winter Bear: A Play by Anne Hanley

The Winter Bear

Miranda Huntington, a newly-minted child advocacy lawyer, has just taken a 20-mile snow machine trip to visit her grandfather, Sidney Huntington, at his cabin on the Yukon River.

MIRANDA: Are you taking your pills?

SIDNEY: Most of the time. But sometimes I remember something from way back and I can’t break away – even to take a pill – or it all disappears.

MIRANDA: (holding up a pill dispenser) All you have to do it look at the calendar to find out what day of the week it is. Then you take the pill in the box for that day.

SIDNEY: Is that why you came out here two days early? To random drug test your old grandfather?

MIRANDA: There is one more thing. There’s a boy. He’s in some trouble. You might be able to help him.

SIDNEY: What did he do?

MIRANDA: He tried to burn down the Sidney Huntington School.

Sidney sits down.

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